The Year of Lasts…and Firsts


Today, was the first day of my senior year of college. Woah. Say what. Honestly, that doesn’t even seem possible but, as EVERYONE on Facebook keeps reminding me. It is possible. It is real. It is here.

With your senior year (both high school and college) I think there is this constant feeling of this is the last. This year I will have my my last first day of school at Luther, my last Christmas at Luther as a student, it is my last chance to be an RA, etc. etc. I feel completely bombarded by this sense that I have to be completely appreciative of everyday I have here at Luther because they are my lasts.

But today was also an important day because I sat down with an advisor and discussed my plans for next year. More specifically, we talked about my Fulbright application and my deep desire to teach English in Eastern Europe after I graduate.

In reflecting on that conversation and my last first day of school, I realized that this year is also going to be filled with firsts. And that is the cyclical nature of our lives. We have lasts but those always lead to firsts, and firsts are new opportunities.

So I am going to try and remember that this year, which will be filled with lasts that are going to be sad (tears will be shed…that I can promise), will also be filled with firsts and exciting new prospects. For all the rest of the Seniors out there, I hope that we can celebrate both our lasts and our firsts together.

Here’s to a new year. Bring it on.


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