Earlier this summer, a friend and I were talking about the concept of home. He explained that he has multiple homes. That when he is in one, that feels like home, and when he is in the other that feels like home. His homes span different countries, speak different languages, etc. They are different but each place is uniquely home for him. I was so surprised that he was able to find home in places that were so different.

I understand what he was talking about now. This summer has completely redefined the concept of home for me. (*cliché alert*) Home is truly not about the place, it is about people who love you and accept you for who you are. Home is where I can be fully Betsy and people will love me for my good traits and my bad ones. Also, I think it is important to point out that home is where people will feed you J.

So, I have my childhood home in Eau Claire, my Luther home in Decorah, Oslo was home for a little bit, and now I have pieces of home spread across the world. I have parts of home in France, Ukraine, Norway, Bosnia, Armenia, the Maldives, Ethiopia, Serbia, Kosovo, and so many other places.

Part of growing up is learning how to make any place a home. How to adjust oneself to feel at home in a new place, whether that new place is down the street or halfway across the world. It gives me hope that I was able to easily make myself a home in Oslo. I proved to myself that I can do it, I can find home, and comfortableness in other places. This is great because a year from now, I will have to make a new place home again, and the fact that it happened so easily this summer, relieves a little of my anxiety about that transition.

So now, I am returning to my Luther home. Back to school, back to reality, back to the people who know me and love me. While Luther has been home for me for three years I think that there will be a recalibration period. Where I will have to adjust again, make Luther my home again…I will keep you all updated on that process.



One thought on “Home

  1. Peter Olafsen says:

    Will this be on FB for me to share? It is the perfect thing for why you need to get out and see the world, see how others live. ALSO important for parents taking their kids to college… Hope to see you soon! Jet lag coming back from Europe hits hard!

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