Week 3-CHECK!


Relaxing after an afternoon hike 

Wow! Week two at the summer school is already over. What the heck is up with that?

These first two weeks have been such an amazing chance for me to grow, as a student, a friend, and as Betsy.

As a student, classes here are very different than what we have at home. The hardest part for me has been balancing fun and Oslo exploring with when I am going to do my 50 pages of reading each night. But, even if I don’t always get my reading done, I have learned TONS in my Scandinavian Politics class. If anyone ever has questions about how the Norwegian party system works…I am on my way to being able to answer your questions.

Personally for me, this week was a little hard. I think (at least I have heard) that most students studying abroad hit a bit of a loneliness wall (that is what I am calling it) and I think I hit that this week. It is amazing to be surrounded by so many students from so many different countries and cultures, but honestly this week I really just wanted to be with my Luther people for a little bit (and thank god for Facetime because I did get to be with some of them J).

But, as weird as it might sound, I am SO grateful for the loneliness I felt this week. I have been able to do a lot of reflection. I have spent more time alone, with my journal or a book, listening to music and just observing the people around me. This has been a great exercise for me. I also have gained a weird sense of independence and confidence as I realize that I don’t NEED other people to make me happy. Yes, it would have been nice to have people who really really get me when I was going through a round patch this week, (I am looking at you Pay and Alexa) but I survived without those people AND was able to cultivate new relationships with new friends here who are quickly turning into those I can turn to when I need them. Patience has been key-patience with myself and patience with others.

Overall, I am loving this place and I am not sure if I am ever going to come home (just kidding mom!). I will be writing again in a few days (after I watch the Euro Cup game and do my homework) about my adventure to Telemark this past weekend!

Also, if you understand anything about Scandinavian national pride you should check out this article about the twitter fight between Denmark and Sweden. It is hilarious.


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