Contentment in the Spring

Every once in a while, I am hit with the inspiration to start a blog. And then I think about how awkward they are to start and how  I would be responsible to write in it regularly, and how people really aren’t THAT interested in my life etc. etc. etc. Then, I don’t write one. I move on and give up.

Today I decided, no more of that. I am starting today, understanding that it will be awkward and that people will probably not read it (other than my close family and friends-thanks guys). But that doesn’t matter because I am writing a blog for myself. I am forcing myself to reflect on my life, what I am reading, what I am learning and what I am experiencing and a blog is the perfect place for reflection. So, here goes nothing:

Something about this time of year really positively impacts my productivity. I know for some people, the nice weather makes doing homework and sticking to responsibilities really difficult, but for me, I revel in the warm weather.  Today, I sat in the sun for over 5 hours and I got more done than I have in the last week…ticking everything off my to do list.

The nice weather envelopes me with a feeling of contentment. Instead of being anxious about all the things I have to get done, I am able to breathe and be mindful of myself and my responsibilities. I have a lot going on in life right now, I am preparing for Norway, running for Student Senate, trying to get stuff ready for voter turnout in the fall (and I guess homework). But today, instead of stressing about my ‘to do’ list, I found myself excited about all the things I get to do. All the opportunities that I have and I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude.

Mindfulness, purpose, balance-all of these ‘new age’, ‘hippie’ concepts are things that I am trying out right now. I plan to use this blog to push myself to be more mindful, wrestle with my purpose, and document the struggles of balance in the life of a college student-and maybe document some of the adventures on the way.

Thanks for getting this far 🙂


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